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Diatherix Eurofins is an innovative, CAP-accredited, molecular diagnostic laboratory utilizing proprietary TEM-PCR for precise detection of infectious diseases. This unique technology provides your physician/provider with accurate, one day results, thereby allowing the physician/provider to implement appropriate treatment more rapidly than other diagnostic technologies.

Why Did I Get a Bill?

Your provider has chosen to send your lab test to Diatherix Eurofins. If you receive a bill from Diatherix Eurofins and have questions, please do not call your provider but rather contact Diatherix Eurofins directly at: 866.829.1854 or

Diatherix Eurofins is a national, CAP-accredited, molecular diagnostic laboratory compliant with all regulations required by insurance carriers. If the insurance carrier deems there is a patient responsibility, the patient will be billed the amount reflected by the insurance carrier on the patient’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Diatherix Eurofins will bill patients who are self-pay.

What Is The Bill For?

Diatherix Eurofins has a menu of panels available for your provider to order based on your physical examination, your symptoms, and the providers clinical assessment. Many infectious disease organisms ( i.e. viruses, bacteria, parasites) may have similar symptoms that are difficult to differentiate without a diagnostic test. Diatherix Eurofins proprietary technology TEM-PCR provides accurate and timely information to the physician.

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Did I Need This Test?

Only your physician can explain why he/she ordered a Diatherix Eurofins Panel. These panels are designed to be used in accordance to the type of illness or symptoms you may be experiencing. TEM-PCR has the unique ability to identify bacteria, virus, and parasites in a single, easy specimen collection process. Your physician receives results in one day, so that he/she may provide rapid and appropriate treatment to you.

Many of the respiratory panels provided help the physician identify H1N1 over bacteria or other viruses that may be vitally important to patient outcomes in certain patient types.

In 2009, Diatherix Eurofins was granted an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA for its rapid and accurate diagnostic ability to detect the H1N1-09 virus as well as other viral and bacterial pathogens.