Diatherix Laboratories is pleased to provide innovative diagnostic solutions through the use of our new method of PCR testing called TEM-PCR™. This technology allows us to quickly and accurately detect the presence of up to 27 pathogens, along with genetic drug resistances, from one specimen in one day. By accurately identifying the pathogen(s) causing an infection, the appropriate treatment can be prescribed eliminating the prolonged use of unnecessary and ineffective medications. Currently, our clients are offered several test panels, each designed to give the greatest quantity of meaningful information possible.

Some of the uses and benefits of our services include:

  • Gathering accurate information for early, appropriate drug therapy
  • Detecting pathogens even in the presence of antibiotics
  • Identifying potentially deadly co-infections
  • Exposing genetic drug resistances
  • Differentiating between pathogens that may cause similar symptoms
  • Accurately identifying pandemic pathogens such as H1N1-09
  • Pre-surgical surveillance of hospital patients
  • Identification of healthcare associated infections in hospitals
  • Reduces hospital length of stay
  • Differentiating between HPV types

All testing is performed by our CLIA certified laboratory. Monday through Saturday, all of the arriving specimens are processed and tested, with the results typically being reported by 5:00 PM CST the same day.

Our Solutions