Diatherix Laboratories, Inc. is located in the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville, Alabama. The laboratory is a state of the art CLIA certified laboratory with systems designed to maximize process efficiency and workflow.

The Institute

Located in the nation’s second largest research park--Cummings Research Park (CRP), the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is the cornerstone of the 150-acre CRP Biotech Campus. HudsonAlpha, a not-for-profit organization, has the three-fold mission of conducting genomics-based research to improve human health and well being, sparking economic development, and providing educational outreach to nurture the next generation of biotech researchers and entrepreneurs. The institute’s vision is of a world-class center that will translate the results of the Human Genome Project into individualized therapies for diseases while providing a bridge between bioscience and entrepreneurship, thereby expanding biotechnology.
The CRP Biotech Campus embodies a synergistic cluster of talented science and business professionals, promising collaborative innovation to turn knowledge and ideas into commercial products and services for improving human health, as well as strengthening Alabama’s progressively diverse economy.  Twelve for-profit companies, including Diatherix Laboratories, Inc., are currently located in the primary HudsonAlpha Institute facility.
Education supports innovation, giving rise to increased professional and economic opportunities.  Investment in science and technology education, including hands-on, research-based programs for students and educators, is critical to enabling discoveries that will improve health and keep us competitive.  To push the boundaries of scientific and technological capabilities, education specialists at HudsonAlpha are supporting, creating and implementing programs toward making Alabama’s students among the nation’s best and brightest, while augmenting the enterprising environment that will keep them home.

Our Lab

The Diatherix CLIA certified clinical laboratory is structured in three distinct areas that provide nucleic acid extraction, template addition, and hybridization with target detection.  Areas are physically separated to ensure sample integrity and prevent reagent contamination.  Our state of the art laboratory design allows for more efficient sample processing and testing and improved quality control and turnaround time for our clients. Also, our Research & Product Development area is located in a 2,500 square foot state of the art laboratory. This allows us to continue to develop new assays that are pertinent to quality patient care.  We strive to meet the needs of the physician using new molecular diagnostics and to work with hospitals with further studies to validate the utility of our unique technology.

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