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601 Genome Way · Suite 2100 · Huntsville, Alabama 35806

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General:  Phone: 866-979-4242 · Fax: 256-327-0984

Billing Department:  Phone: 866-829-1854 · Fax: 256-327-5259

Compliance Hotline (anonymous):  256-327-5222

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Fax: 256-327-9858 or supplies@diatherix.com

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Email your resume to careers@diatherix.com

Our CLIA ID Number: 01-D1085737.

Due to HIPAA requirements, do not enter protected health information (PHI) in this form.  Please call 866-829-1854 if you have a billing issue.

Do not use this email form if you need an immediate response.  For immediate contact call 866-979-4242

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